Fusilli Bucati Corti

There is some confusion around certain ancient pastas' names, because over time several pastas have come to share the same name, or pastas still referred to by one name have evolved into a number of distinct species. The inverse is true of some modern pastas, such as the present subject, where a new but popular name has been attributed to a number of forms. Fusilli bucati are a case in point: They may be shorter versions of the above (i.e. smooth, narrowed cavatappi or shortened helical bucatini), here referred to as fusilli bucati corti. - They may be like normal fusilli, but with the flat fins of the double-helix replaced by tubular ones. You might call these fusilli bucati gemellati (twinned hollow spindles), but as with the other suggested names above this is artificial - all you'd likely see on the packet is 'fusilli bucati'.